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One of most highly valued tourist destinations in this planet.

Costa Rica is a destination with an abundance of thrills and adrenaline for lovers of adventure tourism.

Welcome to Costa Rica

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Inside San Jose

Ara Macao Hotel is located in a convenient safe central location on a quiet side street. Easy walk to museums, restaurants, nightspots and casinos.



Thursday, February 2nd for 1 night arriving at 06:00


Ara Macao Inn Calle 25 San Jose, Costa Rica (50 Meters South of Pizza Hut B o LA California)
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  • Monday - Sunday:06:00 - 23:00


local highlight // Valoarte

Valoarte, Costa Rica’s annual Latin-American art show takes place in the Midst of Meso-America. The event acts as a fundraiser to support the social foundation Hogar Siembra, dedicated to supporting girls and adolescents at risk. Since its founding in 1983, Hogar Siembra has worked under the slogan, “A girl saved is a generation rescued.” Over the past 27 years, the organization has dedicated itself to rescuing threatened girls and young women, helping them overcome family abuse and violence.


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Much of the show features the work of invited, world-class artists including Costa Rica. Valoarte recognizes the importance of up-and-coming talent. A large portion of the exhibit comes from emerging artists. Contest winners are chosen by a multinational panel of renowned judges and critics.

For event & participation info, please visit hogarsiembra.org